Road to Pavones - 2013
Pavones - 2013

Closed Loop

Velvet Noise


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Alligator Cheesecake | HOW TO BE A MICROWAVE

Hai our cassette is out and it’s only six bux!!!





me and hobbes are gonna have a joint show together in LA! I’m so excited :)
click here for the fb event page. 

omg this is next weekend 2 talented people showing work in LA (one my babe vivian) and hoping to be at this also ~

going to be there for this and u all should be too! (eleanor ride w me)

ughhh friendship is so amazing <3 <3 <3

I’ll be derr


HABITS playing @ The Echo for Echo Park Rising!

HOW TO BE A MICROWAVE homies Habits rockin The Echo


YOO ! the great Beat Cinema asked us to record a podcast… and so we did. These 30 minutes contain solo material from Pomdip x Corbo… BUT ALSO premier two tracks from the Chip Monk x Pomdip collab… ChipDip…. OK ENJOY


did a live session with www.intheopen.tv ! enjoy!!


Ugh look at all that fuckin trash on the ground….

Guys our album is coming out in 16 days!! If u preorder u get free shipping!! howtobeamicrowave
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2014 08 07 • BAD BIKINI, BUR GUR (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

if you want to hear what we sound like with everything coming out of 1 speaker and then mic’ed check out this link.  haha



had two bands come up from los angeles. in the first hour was BAD BIKINI playing rock n roll and had BUR GUR playing noise pop in the second hour. the bands came up separately but left together! love to match make.

bad bikini is currently working on recording a 4-song tape to come out by the end of the year. you can keep up with them here.

bur gur has a release coming out this month on how to be a microwave records and have a whole bunch of shows this month around los angeles. you can find them here.

subscribe to the podcast here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/5432fun

Birthdays “Biggie Shorty” from Birthdays
Found Drowned “Junk Mail 2.0” from Makes A Lovely Cup of Tea
Emily Reo “Wind” from Olive Juice
Crisis Arm “Follow” from Caterwaul
Fat Creeps “Fooled” from Fat Creeps EP

LIVE: Bad Bikini

The Dropout Patrol “Irrelevant Variables” from The Dropout Patrol
Detective Agency “Summer Song” from Daggers EP
Cuddle Formation “When in Germany” from Berlin
Florist “We Have Been This Way Forever” from We Have Been This Way Forever

LIVE: Bur Gur

Filardo “Grow Up” from Falling Up
Eleanor Murray “Rebel Summer” from Bury Me Into the Mtn
Dear Marje “Call Me Back” from Demo
Designer “On the Porch” from Discover